This past weekend was supposed to be a bucket list event for many of the Dad’s in our Y Princesses tribe. This was our third year in the program, and for our final official camping trip we wanted to go all out and camp on Shackleford Banks. For those not familiar with Shackleford, here is a link to read more. The island has no running water, no lights and its only inhabitants are wild horses.

The prior weekend another Dad and I did a reconnaissance trip to pick out the best campsite locations for our tribe. Here is a photo of one of the spots we chose.

Camping on Shackleford Banks

Unfortunately, Mother Nature was not on our side. Due to bad weather and a call for 2” of rain, we called off the trip Wednesday evening. Most of us were disappointed by not getting to go, although I think there may have been a dad or two happy to not sleep in a tent.

Fortunately, I still got to spend quality time with my girls this weekend, but there is nothing like camping under the stars, sitting by the campfire, and spending time with great friends and bonding with your child.

We hope to reschedule the trip in June, but time will tell.



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